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Fir resin

Fir resin
  • Fir resin
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This is the resin of conifers. It is a fragrant, sticky substance, a waste product of coniferous trees (pine, fir, spruce, larch), which is released when the bark is damaged.

Outwardly, sap is a viscous liquid of a viscous yellowish consistency. Has a pronounced resinous coniferous aroma.

The resin of any coniferous tree includes:

  • volatile substances (32 - 35% ) - monoterpenes (a - and b - pinene, b - pellandrene, camphene, karen, liminene, etc. );
  • diterpenes, sexviterpenes and their derivatives (8 - 10% );
  • resin acids (77 - 77.5% ) - abietic, lambertianic, dextropimaric, dehydroabistic, levopimaric, pimaric, palustric, sapicic, etc. ;
  • fatty acids (0.3% ) - lauric, palmitic, palmitoleic, oleic, stearic, etc. ;
  • resin alcohols - rubbers and resinotannols;
  • resin alcohols - rubbers;
  • vitamins;
  • macro - and microelements;
  • succinic acid.

The resin of different coniferous trees differ from one another in the content and composition of neutral substances. "Neutral substances" are on average from 6 to 20% of the total mass of the resin and determine the specificity of the therapeutic and prophylactic action of one or another type of resin:

in sap of Siberian fir - 8 - 12% (manoiloxide, abienol, neoabienol, etc. ).

Application in medicine, in cosmetology

Storage conditions and shelf life of resin

The unique property of natural resin is that it does not age and retains its medicinal properties for centuries. Its only feature is that, under the influence of air, it gradually crystallizes and becomes solid. This makes its use rather difficult, but the problem is easily solved by heating.

It is advisable to store medicinal products prepared on its basis in a dark, dry, cool place for no more than 3 months.

Information is up-to-date: 12.10.2021

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