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Pine nut oilcake
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Pine nut oilcake is what remains from the kernels of pine nuts after the oil is pressed out of them by cold pressing. Despite this, cedar oil cake is a complete product, since it fully retains all the vitamins and minerals inherent in whole pine nuts, and even about 30% oil. Thus, cedar nut cake is...
Group: Health Products
Fir resin
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This is the resin of conifers. It is a fragrant, sticky substance, a waste product of coniferous trees (pine, fir, spruce, larch), which is released when the bark is damaged. Outwardly, sap is a viscous liquid of a viscous yellowish consistency. Has a pronounced resinous coniferous aroma. The resin...
Group: Health Products
Siberian cedar essential oil
Not available 
2900 RUB
Siberian cedar essential oil. It is used for: cosmetics, medicine, for personal gegeena, aromatizator. Specifications: Country of origin: Russia Color: slightly yellowish Expiration date: 2 years
Group: Health Products


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